How to care for vintage clothing

The way to care for the vintage clothes is closely dependent on the kind of clothes you buy. For instance, if you buy vintage jeans perhaps from the 70s, you can simply wash them together with any other jeans, though you would probably need to keep it away from fabric softener as it tends to break down all material over a long period of time.

Assuming you are buying the designer dresses or any kind of delicate items, you would probably avoid washing it if possible. You could consider dry cleaning so long as you trust them well. Do not bring the clothes to some dry cleaners whom you have never engaged before as they might just ruin it. If you intend to hand wash it, do use detergent such as Woolite for the job. Do ensure hand dry them. Do note any cleaning directions that are already provided by the store and stated in the clothes.

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Great Vintage Clothing ideas for Christmas Gift

Vintage clothes OnlineMany people will normally struggle what will the good gift ideas for the coming Christmas. You want something that is special as well as unique. You want it to be thoughtful and able to show that you really think about it. Well, you may want to consider a vintage gift.

For a woman, there is no better thought than getting a gift than no one else has. Let’s look at some of these gift ideas.


1. Jewelry

This is an obvious choice and perhaps the easiest. Pick the kind of jewelry like bracelets, rings, earrings or perhaps matching sets. Do match it with the person’s preference.


2. Bags

This is relatively easy and with lots of choices. The vintage bag is full of character and they are rather unique as well as stylish. You can grab little clutches, box bags, shoulder bags or beaded purses.


3. Coats

This could be rather expensive, but it is worth it. The vintage coat can be very glamorous and the lady will certainly loves it. You can always find one that is beautifully cut and lined, better made than lots of new coats today.


4. Jackets

This is something that is not exactly dramatic as the coat, and it is easier for everyday use. These are cut just as well as coat and they are normally fully lined. The style is also noticeable for any wardrobe.


5. Dresses

This is perhaps the fabulous and excellent buy for her and she could use it for lots of social events. Do note that it is available in lots of style, so do know her well before buying.


6. Gowns

If the lady loves to go to balls and that she likes to look like a Hollywood stars, then the vintage ball gown will be the appropriate gift for her. Do check out the old movies to get the idea on the kinds of gowns that is truly glamorous.

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Ideas to help you refashion your clothes

Do you want to be a little more creative with your dressing style? You may also like to keep a piece of well –loved vintage that may be a little dated or no longer fitting to you. You could consider getting a new look with this vintage clothes and not let it goes into waste and result in a mere land fill.

All these second hand clothing or vintage clothes have seemed a huge popularity surge lately. It is now common article in swap parties and also touted as a great way to change out the wardrobe. Refashioning the clothes is a great way of using these old or second hand clothes and creates new and fresh combination from them. You will also get an individual and unique look in you.

There are a number of ways to refashion the clothes, only limited by your imagination. You can first decide whether you like or dislike the piece of clothes. You could either apply dying to it to change its color or shortening it or even merely replacing the buttons. You can also consider bleaching it to create interesting patterns or beading, applique or even cut the neckline from the t-shirt.

You can also use bleach to create interesting patterns or add the conventional sewing patterns or change the neckline. You can also consider making a jean into a denim skirt. There are lots of possibilities and ideas, you just need to be a little creative. So look around or search internet for ideas.


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Finding Vintage Clothes for the Fashion Show

Well, there is a common saying that everything old can be new again. This has never been true till the trends of returning to the 80s fashion clothing picks up. There are a few simple note when you intend to produce a fashion show and need some vintage clothes.

1)      Do ensure that you have gotten all the measurement of those who will be displaying the clothes in the show. You need it to find the clothes with right fitting.

2)      Do check out for the vintage shops via internet or phonebook. There are also thrift shops or consignment store where you could also find some of these clothing. Do spend enough time to scour the store and find those of the right sizes and matches the period you are looking for. Flea market is also an excellent place to look for such clothing or even the accessories.

3)      Do know exactly what you are looking for, but do not restrict yourself in any sense. Make a list of those you are searching and the search will be easier. Be realistic.

4)      Determine the maximum time to spend in the store. Do not be lost in the fashions of the decade that has gone by. Move on and watch both your time and budget.

5)      Gather all the model and carry out the photo-shoot. Do ask them to add some flair to the clothes.

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Classic Ed Hardy – Men Vintage Clothing

The fashion season of the market sees Ed Hardy Men’s clothing as the key focus recently. The well-known designer Christian Audigier has also expanded the collection to include Polo casual shirts, embroidered polos, men t-shirts, designer as well as vintage t-shirts. Many would be seeking after such designer pieces and would be truly glad when you have gotten hold of such distinctive piece of designer clothes.

The Ed Hardy shirts come in various vivid colors and some of them with newly released graphics. There are stylish design as well as tattoo pattern, making Ed Hardy clothes never go out-dated. There will be season where you find basic, specialty as well as platinum collections.

Ed Hardy shirts are also now offered with classic polo styling as well as simple chest graphics or subtle logo markings. Their embroidered polos has gotten extra touch of class as well as sophisticated lining. It is suitable for a family to get hold of together when they go out for golf.

The button down shirts are also refined with classic touches and they can be rather versatile. You can top it up with a blazer or dressed down as unbuttoned over a vintage t-shirt. Plaid is still a common style and the same go for poplin as well as plaid with graphics. Do check out such clothing via online or nearby store and you won’t be disappointed.

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The Resurrection of 50s Fashion Statement

People today are resurrecting the fashion statement of the 1950s. Just observe the Viva Las Vegas Vintage fashion shows, you will then understanding how these dresses are gaining popularity now. Though it may seems to be strange to some individuals, it is obvious that many ladies are turning to this as their own statement.

The Viva Las Vegas shows is one of these great festivals in which Las Vegas have for the people. You will have the opportunity to see many great looking classic dresses that you probably have seen only in classic movies or TV shows. You can also buy these garment and wear them like one of the classic Hollywood movie star.

These dresses are now being recreated to hold the similar glamour as well as style of those Hollywood eras. For instance, the vintage chiffon cocktail dresses or the VLV gowns, and many of those vintage designs, they are now been eagerly sought after by ladies and even young girls now.

A good vintage design dress could cost a lot, as they are rather exquisite and eye catching. They will certainly able to get you much attention and make you stand above the crowd. Do check out more details in the Viva Las Vegas Vintage shows and you will be certain to find great dresses that you would seek after.

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Fashion Trends of the 1990s

Vintage trends of 1950sThe fashion history during the 1990s is a rather interesting period of time. It was a time where many fashion trends budded. This is also the time where the grunge look took place and where women took a bold step towards clothing.


Fashion Trends:

Grunge look was very prominent during the 1990s. This is due to the popularity of grunge music and the grunge groups. During those period, the teens fancied long hair and zany sneakers with a splash of red and forest green. Besides the grunge look, the fashion of that time was also about short body hugging jackets. Cargos and trousers were also a stir through and past the 1990s fashion trends. Women liked to wear cargo pants even till these days. You would also probably remember Capri pants too which is well favoured by men and women.

Leather is a key fashion scenario during 1990s too. Girls generally opted for chic leather jackets and halter designs, and paired with mini-skirts as well as high heels. There were also a good selection of dresses to choose from during that period, particularly the petticoat dresses which were girly and soft.

Men generally adopted the punk look during that period. The teens dyed their hair and wore sporty T-shirts. The hip hugging denims, tank tops and bling jewelleries were also fashion statement during those time.

Goth clothing were also the 1990s fashion trend.  Black were also the main feature of the trend, particularly the black clothing and high black boots. Lycra clothing were also popular among the women and were soon incorporated as daily wear by the ladies.

Well, nothing is constant in the fashion world. There is always a new trend replacing the old and many vintage ideas and inspiration impacting the fashion today.

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Decorate With Men Vintage Clothing

Well, you may consider decorating your room where men gather to watch TV shows or even work together, one such motif is perhaps the men’s vintage clothes in which you can find abundant of them in second hand stores or even thrift shop.

The things you may need for such decoration are:

1)      Painting supplies

2)      Paint

3)      Furnishings

4)      Jackets, shirts and vests for men

5)      Picture frames

6)      Throw blankets

7)      Fashion illustrations extracted from magazines

8)      Men’s accessories and vintage shoes

9)      Mannequins and hat stands

Steps for the decoration:

1)      Select a focal point within the room, either around the fireplace or perhaps against a wall.

2)      Pick a color that is rather masculine such as hunter green or deep burgundy. Paint the wall with the color or mix with some striking color. You may paint only one wall to make it the focal point.

3)      Arrange the furniture into the room such as chairs or couches, coffee tables, lamps or end tables.

4)      Make the throw pillows with jackets, vests and shirts.

5)      Arrange some throw blankets for the chairs with complementary styles and colors.

6)      Arrange the vintage jackets to be displayed in large frames. Lay the jackets flat onto the frame and use some backdrop such as old newspaper to feature fashions for men.

7)      Build up some shadow boxes to contain the vintage clothing or accessories like pipes, bow ties, antique watches or hats.

8)      Include the men’s fashion illustrations that are cut out from old magazines into frames. Hang them with the framed jackets as well as shadow boxes.

9)      Arrange a pair of vintage shoe and use them as bookends.

10)   Arrange the vintage hat stands and place some of these hats on them.

11)   Put on the mannequin the vintage suit. Place it at a corner to be used as secondary focal point.


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Vintage clothes – Hippie fashion

The hippie clothes or the bohemian clothes were the main inspiration during the 1970s. They are stylish even till today and are very comfortable. The fashion is characterize by breezy casual and yet chic and was much in vogue during the 1960s and 70s. It is not hard to find and dress in such vintage clothes. Let’s look at some of these hippie dress in details.


Hippie Clothes for Women

It is generally represented by psychedelic blouses, maxi dresses, fringe dresses and floor length voluminous skirts. The maxi dress is generally designed with paisley prints or the tie dye patterns. Most of the designers of the maxi dresses will provide the bohemian look. Yellow, orange, fuchsia, neon green and electric blue are some of the key colors of hippie clothes.

There are also free flowing fabrics like the linen and cotton that are used for hippie clothing. There also desire with or without sleeves, pleasant blouses in floral print and vibrant sundresses which form part of the fashion. Do make an effort to coordinate the accessories too like the patchwork purses, sandals or even the beads you wear on the neck.


Hippie Clothes for Men

This is generally the bell bottom trousers, fringed leathers vests and also the patchwork denim jackets. Rainbow color shirts, cowboy boots and faded denims were also the key hallmarks of the hippie men fashion. Men of those times also sport moustaches and soul patches, with pants with decorative side panels and also the peace symbols. Scarf are also tied around the neck, colourful tees with graffiti declaring world peace and love.

You can find most of these hippie apparels in the flea markets. You can find them cheap and also the option to make them. A simple maxi dress can also be crafted into a bohemian style by adding some beads, adding fringes or even creating patchwork. Plus size hippie dresses are available too at many stores or even internet sites like the eBay.


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Men Vintage Waistcoats

There are many different waistcoats for men. For instance, in any formal social event where men are all wearing stylish tuxedo, so what is that will make you stand out? Perhaps it is the waistcoat that will bring eyeballs to your tux. Waistcoat is generally worn on formal occasions and it is an essential part of men’s clothing. Waistcoat is a sleeveless jacket or shirt with vertical opening, to be worn over necktie and shirt, underneath the coat. It is an essential formal wear especially in the English speaking countries.


Features and Trends

Men generally prefer to wear black tie as part of the formal wear in occasions like business meeting or weddings. If you want to add on the waistcoat, you ought to know some of the basics. The fabric in which the waistcoat is created from will make significant different to its appearance. They are usually silk, satin or polyester. You need to add in the necktie, blow, braces and cufflinks, and the proper matching of these accessories will bring you the classy look you desire.

There are mainly 2 type of waistcoats, mainly the single breasted and the double breasted. The single breasted comes with 4 to 6 buttons while the double breasted has only 3 buttons. The single breasted will look great with lounge suits while its double counterpart will go better with evening wear suit.

Besides silk, satin and polyester, there are also other material like twill, viscose, wool, linen, acetate, mohair and flannel where the waistcoat can be made from. Most of these provide both warmth and comfort. The popular colors for waistcoat are brown, beige, fawn, black, gray and blue.

This classy men vintage cloth comes also with designer buttons made of pearls, gold, silver or various jewels. You can also pair it with pajama or kurta, normally known as Nehru collared waistcoats. Silver waistcoats are also favoured by many youngster today and the casual waistcoat has also gain some good popularity.

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