Classic Ed Hardy – Men Vintage Clothing

The fashion season of the market sees Ed Hardy Men’s clothing as the key focus recently. The well-known designer Christian Audigier has also expanded the collection to include Polo casual shirts, embroidered polos, men t-shirts, designer as well as vintage t-shirts. Many would be seeking after such designer pieces and would be truly glad when you have gotten hold of such distinctive piece of designer clothes.

The Ed Hardy shirts come in various vivid colors and some of them with newly released graphics. There are stylish design as well as tattoo pattern, making Ed Hardy clothes never go out-dated. There will be season where you find basic, specialty as well as platinum collections.

Ed Hardy shirts are also now offered with classic polo styling as well as simple chest graphics or subtle logo markings. Their embroidered polos has gotten extra touch of class as well as sophisticated lining. It is suitable for a family to get hold of together when they go out for golf.

The button down shirts are also refined with classic touches and they can be rather versatile. You can top it up with a blazer or dressed down as unbuttoned over a vintage t-shirt. Plaid is still a common style and the same go for poplin as well as plaid with graphics. Do check out such clothing via online or nearby store and you won’t be disappointed.

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Decorate With Men Vintage Clothing

Well, you may consider decorating your room where men gather to watch TV shows or even work together, one such motif is perhaps the men’s vintage clothes in which you can find abundant of them in second hand stores or even thrift shop.

The things you may need for such decoration are:

1)      Painting supplies

2)      Paint

3)      Furnishings

4)      Jackets, shirts and vests for men

5)      Picture frames

6)      Throw blankets

7)      Fashion illustrations extracted from magazines

8)      Men’s accessories and vintage shoes

9)      Mannequins and hat stands

Steps for the decoration:

1)      Select a focal point within the room, either around the fireplace or perhaps against a wall.

2)      Pick a color that is rather masculine such as hunter green or deep burgundy. Paint the wall with the color or mix with some striking color. You may paint only one wall to make it the focal point.

3)      Arrange the furniture into the room such as chairs or couches, coffee tables, lamps or end tables.

4)      Make the throw pillows with jackets, vests and shirts.

5)      Arrange some throw blankets for the chairs with complementary styles and colors.

6)      Arrange the vintage jackets to be displayed in large frames. Lay the jackets flat onto the frame and use some backdrop such as old newspaper to feature fashions for men.

7)      Build up some shadow boxes to contain the vintage clothing or accessories like pipes, bow ties, antique watches or hats.

8)      Include the men’s fashion illustrations that are cut out from old magazines into frames. Hang them with the framed jackets as well as shadow boxes.

9)      Arrange a pair of vintage shoe and use them as bookends.

10)   Arrange the vintage hat stands and place some of these hats on them.

11)   Put on the mannequin the vintage suit. Place it at a corner to be used as secondary focal point.


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Men Vintage Waistcoats

There are many different waistcoats for men. For instance, in any formal social event where men are all wearing stylish tuxedo, so what is that will make you stand out? Perhaps it is the waistcoat that will bring eyeballs to your tux. Waistcoat is generally worn on formal occasions and it is an essential part of men’s clothing. Waistcoat is a sleeveless jacket or shirt with vertical opening, to be worn over necktie and shirt, underneath the coat. It is an essential formal wear especially in the English speaking countries.


Features and Trends

Men generally prefer to wear black tie as part of the formal wear in occasions like business meeting or weddings. If you want to add on the waistcoat, you ought to know some of the basics. The fabric in which the waistcoat is created from will make significant different to its appearance. They are usually silk, satin or polyester. You need to add in the necktie, blow, braces and cufflinks, and the proper matching of these accessories will bring you the classy look you desire.

There are mainly 2 type of waistcoats, mainly the single breasted and the double breasted. The single breasted comes with 4 to 6 buttons while the double breasted has only 3 buttons. The single breasted will look great with lounge suits while its double counterpart will go better with evening wear suit.

Besides silk, satin and polyester, there are also other material like twill, viscose, wool, linen, acetate, mohair and flannel where the waistcoat can be made from. Most of these provide both warmth and comfort. The popular colors for waistcoat are brown, beige, fawn, black, gray and blue.

This classy men vintage cloth comes also with designer buttons made of pearls, gold, silver or various jewels. You can also pair it with pajama or kurta, normally known as Nehru collared waistcoats. Silver waistcoats are also favoured by many youngster today and the casual waistcoat has also gain some good popularity.

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Men Bell Bottom Jeans

The bell bottom jeans are back in popularity and men are actually changing the denims in their wardrobes by including a pair of bell bottom jeans. So what does such jean actually look like and how to actually wear them perfectly?

The vintage collection has never failed to impress each generation; you will find many men searching for such fashion. One of such fashion trend is certainly the bell bottom jeans and you may actually see many men flaunting these jeans. This jean entered the world during the 60s where there were no competition in the casual wear segment back then till 70s. From slightly flared patterns with tight fit cutting till full bell bottoms, men generally wear them to display their unique style.

You are probably one of those who may be trying to shop for vintage clothing and would like to put on a fanciful retro look, then bell bottoms is certainly one of those thing you may opt for. If you wonder what will be the latest styles for bell bottoms, then you would need to know that they are now slightly narrowed also known as boot cut jeans. They are also not as tight at the knees as well as thigh area as they were during the 60s. They have now also included a small but noticeable flare right at the bottom.

The boot cut jeans are actually suitable for most men, offering great fit for any specific body types. However petites are actually recommended to keep away from wearing such men vintage clothes as they will make them look even shorter. Such jeans are best for taller men, especially those who has athletic body type. It is also best for those who has big thighs.

You can also consider trying out the bell bottoms with different shades and washes. The single color version also works well with tall men. Even color like the ice blue or colored stone wash jean s will also look great especially for the taller men.  The double colored effect looks better in darker denims such as blackish blues or navy.

Matching such jeans with the right tees or shirts is important to get that perfect vintage look. You may consider crisp white shirt or single colored fabric with leather waist belt. Casual checker shirt with sleeves folded up is also great to achieve the classy casual look. You may also consider the funky t-shirt.

Consider adding a stylish belt or nice sneakers to enhance the style. You may also consider wearing suede shoes with olive green shade or brown with bell bottoms. You may also consider wearing sneakers in canvas to complete with the ultimate bell bottom jeans for the great vintage styled look.

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Video Review – Wearing Vintage Gangster Hats


In this video, the presenter discusses the various models of hats that are considered as a vintage gangster hats. She started by discussing on Derby which is classified by the round top is well known for western kind of hat. She moves on to cover several other kinds of hats that resembles the vintage gangster hats.

Vintage hats

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Men’s Clothing for Winter

Winter may be coming soon and you are now planning to put on several layers of clothing. You may have prepared to dust of last years’ sweater hats or coats, and you realize that there are lots to be done for these winter stock pile. Well, you may also consider buying new clothes for the winter and one of the considerations is to keep warm while in style. You may want to add to your winter wardrobe with stylish hoodies or anything that will adds to your fashion statement.

Winter season comes with fashions statement on pants of all kinds. You can always find those that suits your demand, be in jean with classic or straight fit. There are those with vintage style for consideration. Many would also be looking at tees during winter that can be worn indoor and shouts your personal style. Do find a jacket that can also go along well. Accessories can also be added to help complement your overall dressing statement.

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Video Review – Wearing Men’s Clothing and accessories- Vintage Pocket Watch and Chain

In this video, Susan shared about how to Pocket Watch with Chain. She started by sharing that many of these vintage cloth just sit in the drawer as many are not aware how to wear them. She share how she found a vintage watch and making use of a clip, she has actually taught how to wear it. The clip can actually attach to the belt loop of the jean while the watch can be inserted into the pocket.

The smaller pocket of the jean is actually designed for the watch and it will be nice to insert it into the pocket. The chain at the pocket will make it real neat. It is also better if the color of the belt matches the color of the watch.

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Video Review – Wearing Men’s clothing and Accessories – Turtleneck


This video is anchored by the Image Consultant Susan. In the video, Susan shares on how should a man wear the turtleneck. She started by stating that man looks better with the mark turtleneck instead of the regular turtleneck as it doesn’t fold back down and it doesn’t engulf the neck much.

It is also a classic piece of casual wear and can be worn with jeans or a slack. You can also add a coat over it. The black turtleneck is a wardrobe essential for every man and for every trip as it works a great piece of warm cloth.

She moves on to discuss on dressing up with turtleneck. In the video, she recommend complete black dressing all the way down to the shoe and complement with a coat to make the man looks great for every occasions.

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Vintage shopping checklist for men

Published by many men’s magazines as well as fashion photos, you are likely to have heard of “vintage” being applied to men’s clothing line today. However,  to buy vintage clothes, this is a whole new ball game altogether. It goes beyond finding them at the shopping malls, you must be able to find classy, quality high-end vintage clothes.

First of all, do properly wash all the vintage clothes you bought. Well, you are essentially buying someone else’s used clothes. These have been worn before and hence you should ensure that they are thoroughly washed before putting them on. However, do be careful of washing these clothing, do add some vinegar to help get rid of the nasty stains and smell.

For items like necktie or any kind of formalwear, they should well be sent to dry cleaners instead. However, as not all dry cleaners are the same, for instance only some are specialized in silk clothes, you should be careful who you choose to wash these clothes.

One of the risk you may have buying the vintage clothes is that you may ends up having a few of the damaged items, although some of them are essentially your best finds, branded and premium labels at low cost. So do get them fixed at any tailor shop or even do it yourself.

You will find that the rips and holes on jeans and jackets are some of the issues commonly found. Do check out the repair services out there to help mend it up and make them looks like new. Nevertheless you should be well aware of the capability of these repair shop and avoid risking further damage to the clothes at those incapable services.

Do consider buying the blemished vintage clothes are they are always available at good discount. You can certainly find a good repair service to fix them and you are in for great saving. Do be realistic that some of these clothes will probably not able to fit you perfectly. That should stop you venturing into this collection or purchase since you could always alter the dress thereafter. Be in the length of the pant or the width of the sleeve, any good tailor should be able to fix it for you. However, there are some garments that are just not able to be fixed or altered, do be conscious with that.

Finding good men vintage clothes may perhaps be a challenge for some, but you will be able to find some of these that suits you well and allow you to express your unique, individual statement at a fraction of the cost.

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Video Review – Wearing Men’s clothing and Accessories – Tuxedo


In this video, Image Consultant Susan will discuss on how to wear a Tuxedo properly. She started by discussing that there are many kinds of Tuxedo out there with slightly different design as well as quality. If you need to wear Tuxedo more than once a year, it is recommended to invest in one yourself. It will be tailored to your body and more comfortable to wear.

The first thing to consider when buying a Tuxedo is to make sure that you buy the correct size. The main thing to look for is best fit at the shoulder and proper fit of the sleeve and the best body style fitting to your body shape. When buying shirt, it is essential that the shirt fit the neck nice and neat.

The formal shirt can be in many styles and you can also create some interesting styles with the formal shirt. She went on to share on various accessories and way to match them. Lastly she covers on the pant which should well fit and the shoe should be pattern leather.

You also need to ensure that the bow tie is strapped properly without ant gap with the collar.

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