Men’s clothing trends in 2011

The spring in 2011 ushers in menswear trends which are surprising, bold and unusual. The trend takes into consideration when searching for apparels with cloth splash on clothes, which has been a bid trend in womenswears too. If you are not comfortable with the colourful design, you can always add some accessories or a neutral coats or blazer.

Another trend to consider is the checks, which is still wide spreads as well as fashionable. Floral print shirts, neckties, short and shoes are also getting popular among the men’s clothing. Spring 2011 also focused on pendants and chains, bringing out a strong statement. However, do avoid matching chains with suit as they goes well with partially-informal dress up.

This season also see men in smart sexual instead of metrosexual. No longer is the focus on high-maintenance, rather on self-confidence and being aware of what will one look best in. Feeling of masculinity is still important in the season though.

Suits are also making a come-back now bringing with it slim figure as well as positive look. The fabric that is favoured in the season are the cotton twill, wool and linen. There is also a step back towards good vintage tailored apparel, garnered with conventional gentlemen look of the 40s is also a focus of the season. Classy hats, quality cuts and silky smooth neckties are also being mentioned in the season.

Men’s fashion of Spring 2011 is able about claiming the confidence and passion. The prime color is reddish, symbol of energy, romance and strength. Another color is the navy blue, particularly found in suits and beige within cardigans and dress shirts, and also in pants, shoes and boots. Hence the tendencies is the daring man, who picks up fresh color for checked shirt, classic leather belt as well as pants within favourite safari light tan, and with added blazers, boots, jackets and striped tops.

Hence the trend sees influence from motor biker trend and motorcycle jackets, a fashion that make any man looks good instantly. Do check out Men vintage clothes more related information.

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