Vintage clothes – Hippie fashion

The hippie clothes or the bohemian clothes were the main inspiration during the 1970s. They are stylish even till today and are very comfortable. The fashion is characterize by breezy casual and yet chic and was much in vogue during the 1960s and 70s. It is not hard to find and dress in such vintage clothes. Let’s look at some of these hippie dress in details.


Hippie Clothes for Women

It is generally represented by psychedelic blouses, maxi dresses, fringe dresses and floor length voluminous skirts. The maxi dress is generally designed with paisley prints or the tie dye patterns. Most of the designers of the maxi dresses will provide the bohemian look. Yellow, orange, fuchsia, neon green and electric blue are some of the key colors of hippie clothes.

There are also free flowing fabrics like the linen and cotton that are used for hippie clothing. There also desire with or without sleeves, pleasant blouses in floral print and vibrant sundresses which form part of the fashion. Do make an effort to coordinate the accessories too like the patchwork purses, sandals or even the beads you wear on the neck.


Hippie Clothes for Men

This is generally the bell bottom trousers, fringed leathers vests and also the patchwork denim jackets. Rainbow color shirts, cowboy boots and faded denims were also the key hallmarks of the hippie men fashion. Men of those times also sport moustaches and soul patches, with pants with decorative side panels and also the peace symbols. Scarf are also tied around the neck, colourful tees with graffiti declaring world peace and love.

You can find most of these hippie apparels in the flea markets. You can find them cheap and also the option to make them. A simple maxi dress can also be crafted into a bohemian style by adding some beads, adding fringes or even creating patchwork. Plus size hippie dresses are available too at many stores or even internet sites like the eBay.


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Fashion Trends for the past 50 years

The highlights of the 1970s clothing are mainly stripes, spots and floral, which have now been brought into the 21st century. They have been given a modern makeover so that we could look sophisticated and feminine. Those women of the 50s usually dress smartly and looks like a true lady. Back then, the figure hugging dress was a key popular design then.

Hippies trends grows during that period of time which brings along the alternative and rebellious lifestyle. These folks focus on freedom and getting to the nature. This trend continue to grow into the 60s era and their clothing has become a fashion. It is an expression of the person and represent their style.

The Hippie vintage clothes were loose and made from natural fabrics like cotton or hemp. Women and men grew their hair long and put on these fussy styles and products. It is now added with Black turtlenecks and trousers that was worn by the Beatniks and morphed into jeans and blouses. Slowly, these extend to the own’s style and becomes really popular.

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