Vintage Clothing for your Wardrobe

Vintage clothes have now become a key fashion statement among many women and men. Shops related to such clothing style are springing up rapidly in many cities and also on the internet, filled with style goodies related to this trend. You can also find great selection even in flea markets or even some thrift stores.

Should you have decided what you are looking for, you can then search for the different fashion eras prior to your purchasing. Well, availability of these items or accessories, and price, comfort or even cleanliness does come into consideration. The next is to be able find one that suits your age and not to make you look dowdy or even like in a costume. You can certainly visit websites or old movies or related magazines to get all the ideas.

There are some caveats when it comes to shopping for vintage clothing. Sizes do matters as they are cutting of the yester years. So do get a measurement tape to compare the fitting or do try it on before placing the order. Examine the material closely to ensure no decomposition of the material, particularly on the seams.

Do note that colors such as lavender or light blue are more subjected to fading, so do be careful to check the clothing under bright light to ensure that they are still even. Do smell them to ensure that you don’t get any musty smells that indicate the fabric is degenerating. Do examine the under linings of the leather or fur items to ensure that they are not dried out which can cause them to be easily torn. Do ask about shrinkage and fabric content from the seller.

Make it a point to keep the clothes in good shape and perform special handling if necessary. Do not use harsh detergents. Store them well in closet. Avoid packing the leathers or suedes clothing in plastic bags which will cause them to be dried out. Avoid perfumes and deodorants stains on the clothing.

Do make an effort to search for matching accessories for the clothes. Even if you are unable to find those that match the period of the clothing, you can always find those from modern reproduction, so long it harmonizes with the clothes. You should also be able to find shoes that match with such clothes. Remember to get small items like handkerchiefs, scarves, compacts, gloves and hats for the clothing. Do check out Vintage clothes Online for more related information.

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How to identify vintage clothing

Identifying or recognizing vintage clothes from merely adapted from the styles from these previous eras, but not the real deal can be quite tough. The following are just some of the tips to carry out this identification process.


Read the tags

Some of these vintage clothes sellers know that it is not easy to prove that the item is from a certain era or area. One of the simpler way is to use the tags if they are still intact on the clothes. Take a closer look at the tags and you may be able to identify the Designers’ piece. If a certain vintage clothing was created by a certain famous designer in certain area, you should be able to get the picture of the tag of that piece and verify against the items’ tag. If it does not match, there is chance that it is a fake.


Country of origin

To be able to identify the vintage clothes’ country of origin is very essential. You can take a close look at the tags to determine where they are manufactured. It is stated as “made in china”, it is likely that the cloth is not a real piece. The best vintages clothing are made in Europe as this is where the fashion was born back then in the early twentieth century.


Check the measurement

When you shop for the vintage clothes, you need to be exceptionally particular about the details. You need to pay close attention even to those areas that you may not have thought about. You need to check out the waistline of the clothes as you will likely not have the same waistline of the clothes as those you normally wear.


Check the fabric

In those days when the vintage clothes are being made, the usual fabrics are the natural fabrics. So one of the ways to identify whether the vintage clothes is genuine is to take a closer look at the material of the clothes. If you find cotton, leather or wool was used in the clothing, you need to focus carefully in this. The zippers are also likely to be made of metal which last longer.


So examine the above information and to help you better identify the vintage clothes. Do check out Vintage Clothes Online for more details and information with regards to vintage clothing collection.

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