Finding Vintage Clothes for the Fashion Show

Well, there is a common saying that everything old can be new again. This has never been true till the trends of returning to the 80s fashion clothing picks up. There are a few simple note when you intend to produce a fashion show and need some vintage clothes.

1)      Do ensure that you have gotten all the measurement of those who will be displaying the clothes in the show. You need it to find the clothes with right fitting.

2)      Do check out for the vintage shops via internet or phonebook. There are also thrift shops or consignment store where you could also find some of these clothing. Do spend enough time to scour the store and find those of the right sizes and matches the period you are looking for. Flea market is also an excellent place to look for such clothing or even the accessories.

3)      Do know exactly what you are looking for, but do not restrict yourself in any sense. Make a list of those you are searching and the search will be easier. Be realistic.

4)      Determine the maximum time to spend in the store. Do not be lost in the fashions of the decade that has gone by. Move on and watch both your time and budget.

5)      Gather all the model and carry out the photo-shoot. Do ask them to add some flair to the clothes.

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Video Review – 60’s Fashion

This video is produced by Look in Life focusing on the fashion of the 1960s. It is narrated by Michael Ingrams. Michael started by discussing the common saying of London Swing. He went on to discuss a shop in London call the “In shop”. The video moves on to show the interior of the shop and various setting, clearly indicating the vintage setup.

The video went on to visit a shop call “hung on you”. It is a shop that resells fashion dresses of the 60s. The shop specifically sells the wool clothing. Michael went on to describe the trends of the Vintage clothing sold in the store along the theme of Swinging London. He also describes a street that still contains the relics of the past London and carries some of the vintage clothes. He describes about the kinky trend and the purple lace-up boot as the key fashion of the time.

He moved on to describe several interesting shop cover various vintage clothing lines even for the kids. He mentioned how some of the design has actually flow down from the Paris into the London Street. The video went on to describe the various fashion and designs. The video ended with the theme of “Look at life again soon”.

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