The 1960’s Fashion Icons dress

The Parka

The Parka coat was very popular during the early 1960s. They are made for military designed for extremely cold weather, so it is provide warmth to those who wears it. The Parka is also design to protect against any grease, oil or dirt, and can be painted with one’s favourite band like The Kinks or Small Faces. Then in 1980s, there are those who sew patches from scooter rallies onto the Parkas.


Mohair Suits (Tonic Suit)

Mohair suits are generally worn by many during the 1960s. They are light weight, smart, cool and suitable for dancing in. They also carry natural shine within them which was also replicated by cheaper Tonic Suit later on. The Tonic suit was created by Dormeuil and created by weaving 2 to 3 different coloured threads symmetrically, producing the iridescent shine. The Skinheads who are famous in 1960s and 70s worn Tonic suits made of various colours.


Ben Sherman Shirts

The Ben Sherman Shirts were rather popular during 1960s. They were worn mainly with button down collars. This shirt are usually design with fitted look, comes usually with full or half plea, at time with high button down collar. Ben Sherman shirts are normally produced with good quality and many fashioned the modern style together to create new subculture. Ben Sherman shirts come in various different colours, either in checked striped or plain.


Fred Perry Polo Shirt

This polo shirt was popular during the 1960s. They were designed for Fred Perry when he won men’s singles Tennis championship. The Shirt are designed with different colours with crossed laurel leaf emblem on left chest, with different 2 striped colour on collar and sleeve. They are also designed with long sleeve and worn in film like “Quadrophenia”.


Stay Press Trousers

This trousers were popularly worn during 1960s. The levi stay press trousers were made with great quality and available in various colours. They are also made with zip front fly. They are now made from cotton and come in burgundy, navy blue and dogtooth check, and at time Tonic.

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